During the Intensive Arabic Semester, you will have the privilege of experiencing a unique Israeli experience by staying on a kibbutz!
Kibbutz Barkai, situated in the Sharon area, half way between Haifa and Tel Aviv, will accommodate you for the entire duration of your stay. There, sitting on a hillside overlooking the beautifully green Eiron Valley (Wadi Ara) you will get a chance to see life on a kibbutz with its unique agricultural environment alongside the Jewish aspects. You will participate in a traditional "Kabbalat Shabat" every Friday evening and take an active part in the community.
While at Kibbutz Barkai, you will reside with a friend in air conditioned rooms, receive 3 solid meals for 7 days a week, be fully medically insured and have an assigned counselor to help you with any problems that might arise.

For more on Kibbutz Barkai, you can visit the official site (in Hebrew)

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