The International Department of Givat Haviva was originally founded in the mid-l980's. At that time the main focus was the development of the kibbutz movement and beginnings of change in the individual kibbutzim.
During the l990's the winds of change on the political front in Israel brought about a demand to develop programs dealing with background to the Middle East conflict, the different components of Israeli society and the need for in-depth study tours of the country, facilitating one- on-one meetings with both Arab and Jewish citizens of the State.
Within our groups there are Israeli students through Birthright.Israel, from USA, Canada and Britain as well as Spanish-speaking countries.
We host universities and colleges from North America and Europe and journalists from electronic and print media.

Givat Havia's educational projects and programs deals with peace education and the fostering of coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel.
Relationships between Jewish and Arab citizens of the State of Israel as a vivid example of coexistence.
Exploring the roots of the Jewish-Arab conflict and the present situation.
Tours of the Green Line (pre-l967 border with Jordan) and security fence in the area of Wadi Ara.

The International Department
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